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Driving under the influence is a common cause for car accidents across the country and in many cases can lead to a wrongful death case. Because alcohol impacts the react ability and time of individuals causing them to not be able to act as quickly or efficiently due to impairment, a fatal car accident may occur that could have otherwise been avoided. If such an accident does take place, the driver deemed responsible could face criminal charges and civil claims.

A driver in Texas may be in a similar situation after she was charged in relation to a fatal accident. The situation reportedly happened when a pickup truck with a male driver was stopped at a red light. While the truck was stopped, a vehicle with a female driver approached from behind, failed to stop and hit the truck in the rear. As a result, both vehicles caught fire.

The male driver suffered fatal injuries in the accident and was declared dead on site. The female driver was also injured, and authorities believe that she was under the influence when the accident took place. After being treated at the hospital, she was taken into custody for intoxication manslaughter. Other vehicles were apparently involved in the crash as well, and more individuals were also injured.

Because the female driver was charged in the fatal car accident, she will likely have to face criminal proceedings for that serious allegation. If she is found guilty and responsible for the crash, the family of the deceased victim may have substantial cause to file a wrongful death claim against the responsible party. Such a claim could allow them to seek compensation for damages allowable under Texas law. If you have any legal questions feel free to contact our Wrongful Death Claim Lawyer at 713-829-4317.

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