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Personal Injury Lawyer

A Personal Injury Lawyer attempts to right this wrong through the civil justice system. A personal injury lawsuit is the result of a “tort,” or a civil wrong. An experienced attorney understands how to effectively represent a client’s rights and obtain compensation in their case. Our personal injury lawyer works effectively educates the defense attorney and the insurance company about the injuries you have sustained, the circumstances of the accident, and other related losses. By effectively telling your story, our lawyer work to establish the fault of the defendant. Our office is frequently asked how a personal injury cases start. A personal injury lawsuit arise when people are injured by the careless or intentional acts of others. When someone is determined to be legally responsible for injuring someone else, they are liable for the injury and may be made to compensate the victim. Call our Personal Injury Attorney at 713-829-4317.

Personal Injury Lawyer Ready To Take On The Big Insurance Companies

If you have been injured as a result of the negligence of another person, you are likely scared, angry, and confused. You may be recovering from painful injuries, facing mounting medical bills, and losing income because you cannot work. You are not without legal recourse if you have suffered serious injuries. You may be entitled to recover money damages for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering in a personal injury lawsuit. When life is interrupted by a serious accident, your injuries from this event can have a life changing result to you and your family. Our personal injury lawyer will fight protect your legal rights and will aggressively advocate for you and your interests. If you have been seriously injured in a car crash your injuries could require you to go to the hospital, orthopedic surgeon, or frequent visits to a chiropractor for treatment. The Pascoe Law Firm fights to protect injury victims from the big insurance companies. Our lawyer at the Pascoe Law Firm will work with all the experts needed to develop an effective case and determine the full value of your losses when you have been seriously injured at the hand of someone else’s negligent actions.

Should I Accept the Insurance Companies’ Settlement Offer for my Personal Injury Case?

Often, insurance companies will offer money to make a potential personal injury case go away. Companies do this when they think you’ll take the money, and to avoid your case from becoming larger. They will usually offer you the minimum amount of money possible – simply to appease you. We do not recommend you take any money, without speaking to a personal injury lawyer first. There are many reasons to avoid taking an insurance settlement offer immediately. Future medical bills: Some injuries manifest immediately, but often there are long-term repercussions. Some injuries don’t appear until years later. IF you take an immediate settlement offer, you forfeit your right to future treatment for injuries. Loss of income: If you take an immediate settlement offer, you could lose the ability to get compensated for loss of income in the future. In some cases, injuries are so bad that clients cannot continue to work. Settlements often don’t cover the future income. As a result, you should speak to a personal injury lawyer first.

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Guide for Dealing with Personal Injuries Sustained in Texas

Get Medical Attention As Soon As Possible

First, please get medical attention you are hurt. If you need help finding medical attention the Pascoe Law Firm might be able to help you with this process. Medical treatment is important part of a personal injury case. The adjuster will evaluate your case based upon your injuries. If you do not go to the doctor the insurance company will assume that you were not injured. Think of the chiropractor or medical doctor as the author of your story of how this accident impacted your body. Their medical records will be the story how you were injured and your treatment and recovery.

Get An Incident Report Or Call the Police and Get a Police Report Following A Personal Injury

​If possible, please remember to get a police report or incident report every time you have suffered a personal injury due to someone else’s negligence. It is important to take photos of your injuries and the location, if safe to do so. Often times, the person who caused your injury might seem trustworthy and they might not want to go through insurance process. Make sure you protect yourself by getting the police report or incident report and taking photos.

Don’t Admit Fault

​The truth is that you don’t know if a person you just met is trustworthy or not. You may be in shock from having been injured. You might not know how all the laws might apply to different facts. Never admit fault, even if pressed to make a statement declaring your responsibility. Be honest about the facts. But be a journalist—do not editorialize. Make sure to protect your self by not agreeing to anything until you know the full scope of your damage and you get an opportunity to speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer near you.

Exchange Information and Gather Information

​​Additionally, make sure to record the insurance information of the other party and any claim number they might provide you, to make sure they are not just giving you false information. Trade your telephone, address, insurance carrier, full legal name, license plate number, and additional contact information with all other drivers involved in the crash.​ Take Photos of your vehicle and the other driver’s vehicle. Gather names and telephone number of any witness that might have seen the personal injury take place.

How to Win a Personal Injury Case In Texas

In a personal injury cases one must prove four things against the other party, whether that be an individual or corporation. In a personal injury cases on must prove duty, breach of duty, causation, and damages to recover in a personal injury case.

Duty- The plaintiff must prove that the defendant, either an individual or corporation who you are bring the case against, must have had a duty to not act in a certain way. Typically, this action that should not have occurred will be called negligence. The person’s action must have been negligent and was outside of their duty owed to the injured party. For example, while driving each driver has a duty to not crash their vehicle into another driver.

  • Breach of Duty- The next element of a personal injury case that the defendant must have breached the above duty owed to the plaintiff. For Example, by crashing into another vehicle the party has breached their duty to the party they crashed into.
  • Causation- The plaintiff must also establish that their personal injury was related to the defendant’s action.
  • Damages- the plaintiff will need to show damages, financial or physical, in order to recover. The damages could come in the form of medical bills, rehabilitation for the injury, surgery, lost income.

Often times a personal injury cases has what is called a statute of limitations associated with the accident. The clock or time frame when one can bring a case against the negligent party starts ticking the moment the accident occurs. Typically, this is 2 years for personal injury cases. Every law suit is covered by some type of time constraint and it is important to speak with an attorney immediately after an accident so that your claim within the appropriate time period.

Personal Injury Attorney Fighting for Injury Victims

Our personal injury lawyer will work with you or a family member may have suffered a serious injury in an unusual circumstance. You may be unsure of the underlying cause or responsible parties. Not a problem. As an established personal injury lawyer we have handled a very diverse range of cases throughout Texas and stand ready to help in the investigation of serious personal injury cases and fight for personal injury victims. Our law office is unique in that we have an attorney and investigators who are available to talk with you and begin the investigation of an accident immediately. Our hands-on approach to cases ensures that the unique aspects of every case get the attention it deserves in order to maximize the value for you. The Pascoe Law Firm is located in the the Galveston County and is devoted to representing individuals who have sustained catastrophic injuries or were killed due to the wrongful conduct of others, including insurance companies, corporations, manufacturers, hospitals, doctors and other wrongdoers. The Pascoe Law Firm can works on a contingent fee basis if you have suffered personal injuries.

Personal Injury Lawyer Nearby and Available To you

The personal injury lawyer from the Pascoe Law Firm is always available in emergency situations, and we are happy to meet with you at another location if you are unable to come to our offices. No one ever expects to be involved in an accident. However, when you have been in one, having the right personal injury attorneys by your side is key. In some cases your Accident Attorney might be able settle your case without having to go to trial. In other cases a trial may be needed to resolve the issues through the a court of law; every case is different. Our Attorney at the Pascoe Law firm is trial lawyer. We are expected to take cases to court if a fair and appropriate settlement is not offered. If a settlement offer is not fair and will not adequately compensate you for your injuries, we are ready, willing, and able to go into the courtroom and fight to protect your legal rights. We work to make sure large insurance companies do not take advantage of you when you are going through this troubling time. ​

Free Initial Consultation on Personal Injury Cases

Our Galveston County Personal Injury Lawyer understand that your immediate goals after going through such trauma are to get your medical bills paid and covered, make sure you do not suffer financially through any lost wages, and make sure your insurance company will pay for future treatment relating to your injury. We live in a society where the rich, the powerful, and the large corporations have the resources to protect their rights. We represent individuals injured in accidents because we have the resources, knowledge, and expertise to level the playing field. By forcing those responsible for your injuries to take responsibility for their negligent or intentional conduct we work to bring you as back to normal as possible.

​Our mission is to turn the wheels of the law in the favor of the injured and the underrepresented. Our law offices provides every inured victims free legal consultations in order to assess all their legal options. When you contact our law offices, a personal injury attorney will immediately field your call, evaluate your case, and provide you with the legal expertise and knowledge required. You will never be forced to speak to a secretary or paralegal. We take each and every case personally. Our experienced personal injury lawyer will evaluate your claim, discuss your situation and go over the options available to you, as well as work with insurance companies and other parties involved in your case to make sure all your needs are handled quickly and appropriately.

Common Types of Personal Injury

Common types of personal injury cases that people suffer injuries due to someone else’s negligence could cover a wide variety of areas. In some personal injury cases there may be more than one negligent party that is responsible for your injuries. Below are some of the types of personal injury cases we cover:

Work Injuries

When a work accident is related to the negligence of a third-party, you are able to go after that third-party for their negligence. The Pascoe Law Firm has experience representing people injured at work in the following personal injury type cases:


Serious Injuries

An injury involving yourself or a family member may send you looking for information to ascertain the immediate and long-term implications. Our Personal Injury Lawyer has assembled information about what you can expect regarding medical treatment for the following personal injury situations:


Maritime Injuries

Working on or around open water can be a difficult job. Maritime employees working aboard vessels and offshore perform their duties in hazardous environments, placing their lives at hazardous risk every day. Maritime accidents can occur at any moment when doing their jobs on unseaworthy vessels or with an incompetent crew. Many maritime workers suffer serious injuries or death on slippery decks and platforms using heavy machinery in unpredictable waters. The following are the types of maritime case that our personal injury has experience handling:


Wrongful Death

If the personal injuries turn tragic, our personal injury lawyer can help with a wrongful death case. When a family member is fatally injured or killed in an accident or due to the negligence of a professional or corporation, the family of the deceased can file a wrongful death lawsuit to recover compensation for their financial and emotional loss. The Pascoe Law Firm’s experienced personal injury lawyer can assist with the following types of wrongful death cases:

Personal Injury Frequently Asked Questions


Lawyer for Personal Injury

Our Personal Injury Attorney fights for victims against big insurance companies so that you don’t have to take them on by yourself. First, please get medical attention if you are injured or have whiplash. If you need help finding medical attention our personal injury lawyer at Pascoe Law Firm might be able to help you with this process. Every day, individuals and their families deal with the tragic results of a fatal car accident and wrongful death type situation. At the Pascoe Law Firm in the we are here to represent you and obtain the results you need for your personal injury case. We serve the needs of clients in our local community of Galveston, as well as in national or international forums to address personal injuries caused by accidents. Our office keeps attention to detail by maintaining a limited number of cases, our attorney can provide personalized attention to each client we serve, communicating with our clients about their case, we because we understand how important communication is to a successful attorney-client relationship, we return calls within 24 hours.

How Long Does A Personal Injury Case Take in Texas?

At the Pascoe Law Firm, our Personal Injury Lawyer is often asked about how long will it take for a personal injury claim to be completed. This question is not uncommon and many injury victims often ask, how long their will case last and if can be resolved quickly. Because almost every personal injury case is different the answer will ultimately depend upon your unique situation and set of facts. The time it takes to effectively resolve a personal injury case depends on a variety of factors including:

  • Nature and degree of injury
  • Whether or not medical treatment is still ongoing
  • The backlog in the court system

​Each of these control the timeliness of the resolution of the claim when dealing with a personal injury case Unfortunately, a quick resolution is not always possible. However, at the Pascoe Law Firm we strives to resolve matters as quickly and efficiently as possible. While we work to keep your case moving we make sure that we make sure that your legal rights are protected throughout the entire process.

Minor Injuries Could Be Serious

​Many injuries can appear to be minor, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t serious. It also doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pursue medical treatment and compensation. Many people avoid hiring an attorney because they think their injuries are minor, or because they think attorney charge money upfront. Many people avoid treatment, and then their injuries get worse and so does the pain. Many injuries have symptoms that only come forth later. It’s crucial you get medical attention as quickly as possible. After you do that, we recommend you speak to a personal injury lawyer who can help you. Our personal injury attorney is experienced at handling major or minor personal injury cases. Personal injury cases can’t be settled until medical treatments are over. It means the bulk of your case is spent waiting for treatments to conclude. Depending on the seriousness of your injuries, this can take a long time.

The Personal Injury Process

The Cause of Injury

A personal injury can change your life in an instant. Before you assume the worst, find a safe place and seek medical attention. When you’ve been hurt in your first concern should be your health. The cause of your injury could have left you with serious injuries of the spine, neck, back, or more. Your injuries could disrupt work, family, and personal obligations. However, they don’t have to have a long-term negative impact.

Your Medical Care

Treating your injuries is a priority. Try not to feel overwhelmed with the thought of paying for your medical expenses – focus on getting healthy first. If your injuries require immediate medical attention, you may find yourself in a hospital or a doctor’s office. This may cause some anxiety, and that’s completely natural. At this point, you’re likely wondering how you’re going to pay for your medical care and how much your insurance will cover. To make matters more stressful, you may be visited by members of law enforcement in order to complete their accident report. Remain calm and do not admit fault for the accident. If you have questions about what you should disclose in your accident or incident report, contact us to learn more about your rights by speaking with a personal injury lawyer.

The Scene, the Incident Report, and Notification

The location of ​where your were injured tells a story. The at-fault insurance company will have their side. Make sure you gather enough information to tell your side. If you don’t have to immediately leave the scene to tend to injuries, you should gather contact information and document everything: take pictures, talk to witnesses, etc. During this time, stay calm and don’t admit fault. Always report the accident to police or get an incident report and then the other parties insurance provider. Most importantly, once you are able, talk to a personal injury attorney at the Pascoe Law Firm. We recommend talking to a lawyer before speaking with an insurance company.

Paperwork and Phone Calls

​You’re going to get an incredible amount of mail and phone calls related to your injury, insurance claim, and bills. Let us take care of that for you. When you have been hurt by someone else’s negligence, it’s inevitable that you’re going to be hit with an onslaught of paperwork – most of which will seem completely foreign to you. This is where hiring a personal injury lawyer who values open communication is incredibly important. At the Pascoe Law Firm, we think it’s important to minimize the stress you feel due to your personal injury. We go to painstaking efforts to handle all communication with the insurance companies, law enforcement, and medical professionals related to your accident. We also strive to keep you informed throughout the process, so you know exactly where your case stands.

A Denied Insurance Claim or a Settlement Offer

​After investigating your accident, the insurance company may offer you a settlement. Don’t sign it. If your claim is denied, don’t give up. Insurance providers are in the business of making money. It’s common for insurance carriers to offer a settlement that is well below what you deserve. The amount owed to you should be based upon medical bills, car repairs, lost wages, and pain and suffering. We can help you make sense of what has been offered and determine whether the insurance offer should be accepted, or if a counter demand should be made. If your claim has been denied, you may still have options. There are a number of valid reasons why an insurance company might deny your claim. However, there are also situations where your claim is unjustly denied.

Demanding Appropriate Compensation

Your claim is likely worth more than you’ve been offered. We can help determine the true value – and then work to get you what you’re owed. Once all of your damages and expenses related to your personal injury are understood, then your personal injury lawyer will put together an initial demand or a counter demand, if an initial settlement offer was presented by the insurance carrier. The insurance provider then must decide to accept the demand, continue to negotiate with your lawyer, or deny the demand. Let the experienced Personal Injury Lawyer at Pascoe Law Firm handle this for you.

Settling Your Case or Going to Trial

​Many personal injury cases can be settled without having to go to trial. However, when negotiations break down, a trial may be necessary. A settlement occurs when both parties are able to come to terms on a dollar amount. When this happens, the case does not go to trial. Instead, an agreement is signed by both parties and you are issued a settlement check. If the case goes to court, the judge or jury will decide whether or not you should receive compensation. The court will render a judgment against the other party if the case is found in your favor. Remember, you don’t pay until we win.

How To Help Your Personal Injury Case

​Your personal injury lawyer can work with you to help your case moving forward. You can help them by making sure that they have all of the information that they need. They need to know when the injury occurred, who may be responsible and what happened. Your attorney wants to hear you tell your story so that they can apply their training and experience in order to help you maximize your recovery. That means, when your attorney has questions, it’s important to get the answers as quickly as possible. As the case proceeds, you may need to provide additional information. You may have written questions to answer or documents to provide. Doing all of these things when you’re asked can help you keep your case on track and moving towards your fair recovery.

Personal Injury Lawyer Involved in The Community Near You

Additionally, we believe in community Involvement, our lawyer is active in the local communities and works hard to make a difference in the community that he lives and works. Here at the Pascoe Law Firm, our personal injury attorney, does not just take on “cases,” we represent real people with real problems. Lawyer John D. Pascoe is committed to helping each client on an individual level. If you have been injured or you have lost a loved one due to a personal injury or wrongful death accident we may be able to help you get on the road to recovery. Call us today for free consultation. We would never pressure you to take legal action, but will make sure you have the information you need to make the right decision for your family. Please remember, every injury is a major injury because it affects the life of the injured person and his or her family. If you have been injured and had your life disrupted due to an accident, talking with a lawyer can help you get things back on track. Call Personal Injury Lawyer John D. Pascoe at 713-829-4317. For more information visit the Pascoe Law Firm home page to see the full types of cases we can handle

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