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Family Lawyer helping those in need of a divorce lawyer in Galveston County. Going through a family law matter such as a divorce is never easy. Family law issues can be a very physically and emotionally draining time in one’s life . If you feel that things have gotten to the point that you need a  Family Law Attorney please contact our office so that we can get started protecting your families best interest. If you are about to go through a divorce, Attorney John D Pascoe is an experienced divorce Attorney and can represent and guide your through this difficult time in your life. Going through a divorce can be one of the most difficult times of your life. You may be worried about how your assets will be divided, who gets custody of the children, whether you can survive financially or even how you will work with your ex-spouse as you continue to raise your children.


Friendswood Family Attorney

Our attorney can help you with your divorce case. Laws exist to protect those who need it most. When it comes to the family, there are countless laws in place that determine the outcomes of a divorce. These decisions are important and ultimately affect the lives of everyone involved. If you’re at the point in your life where you’re thinking about hiring a family law attorney for a divorce, life has already become very complex. Chances are that your emotions are high and it can be difficult to know what to do.  As a family law attorney, we aim to change all of that. I understand the stress that you are experiencing and I’m here to help you get through this separation with your dignity intact. Family cases can be a timely and costly process; I am here to help make it as quick and cost-effective as possible while ultimately helping you move on with your life. Below are some of the areas of family law that we can help with:


Family Attorney in Galveston County

At the Pascoe Law firm, our family lawyer strongly believes in defending his client’s legal rights and will zealously argue on their behalf. We will work hard to find solutions to your complex family law issues. Strategy is important when dealing with a family law case. Strategy is a critical element that impacts the resolution of your divorce or other family   law concern. A sound legal strategy provides a”game plan” to help you get through this difficult time. Each family law case is different. By developing a legal strategy to help you achieve your specific needs we hope to provide you with a peace of mind during this challenging time in your life. Many family law matters such as divorce can be resolved amicably. If children or child custody is a concern, we hope an amicable resolution can occur for the children of the relationship or marriage. However, this does not mean that your rights will not be protected to the fullest.If possible, Attorney John D Pascoe will work toward a positive resolution through using options such as a family mediator to help guide to the parties to a settlement. We understand that family disputes can have an emotional toll on you. Our family law attorney works with our client’s to help them move forward by representing them through the family law process. If an amicable resolution is not possible, we will employ our litigation skills to protect our client’s best interest. Family law cases can be an emotional time and we are sympathetic to our client’s needs during this process. We work to keep our clients informed and up to date about each stage of the family law case.


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Family law Attorney, John D. Pascoe understands and can address your family law issues. Our law firm is intimately familiar with the laws and guidelines pertaining to divorce. When a client calls our office, he or she will speak directly to a family law lawyer. We are here to guide our clients through the entire process.  Need a Divorce? You need an experienced family law attorney that can represent your rights.
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At the Pascoe Law Firm  we provide caring and compassionate attention for divorce and other family-related matters. Simple resolution and settlements are not always possible in a divorce. Even when the parties agree, you need to be assured that your best interests are fully protected when going through a divorce. Talk to a family law attorney  who will meet with you and help you find a way to resolve your divorce and family issues in a dignified and professional manner. Call us at 713-829-4317.

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