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League City Car Accident Turns Fatal

A high speed chase with police ends with a fatal car accident leaving 6 dead. The high speed chase started in the Dickenson, TX area and ends with a severe car accident and took place late Sunday night near League City, TX. Car accidents can cause serious injuries and can have life changing consequences. Even a small car accident can cause large medical bills and pain and injuries.
Trying to flee from an accident may seem like a viable option for an individual, but in most cases, leaving the scene of an accident only results in additional charges for the parties involved. A hit and run accident is a very serious event that can result in serious injuries or even fatalities. If a fatality does occur in a hit and run incident, the party deemed responsible could face felony charges.

“He was going so fast my guy couldn’t keep up,” Jaekel said. The accident had such a large impact after the collision that the vehicles continued moving off the road and ended up going into a ditch and into brush along side the road knocking out electrical power to the area. Jaekel said the crash scene “is one of the worse I have ever seen myself.” However, the officer did mention he didn’t see the actual crash occur, Jaekel said.

The Driver was driving an SUV and ran a stop sign hitting a family. If the driver is charged in the fatal car accident, they will likely have to face criminal proceedings for that serious allegation. If they are found guilty and responsible for the crash, the family of the deceased victim may have substantial cause to file a wrongful death claim against the responsible party. Such a claim could allow them to seek compensation for damages allowable under Texas law.

A car accident of this magnitude can leave many individuals looking for answers as to how they should proceed. The family of the deceased victim may wish to look into wrongful death claim options, and the other injured parties involved may also want to explore personal injury claims. Information on such claims should be available in Texas and could potentially help those parties involved better understand their circumstances and options for civil court claims. Feel free to contact our League City Car Accident Lawyer if you have any legal questions at 713-829-4317.

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