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Motorcycle Accident Shuts Down Texas Roadway


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Motorcycle Accident Shuts Down Texas Roadway


Motorcycle Accident driver tries to avoid collision with truck and the accident turns into a Fatal Auto Accident. 18 Wheeler Accidents have been occurring more often on the Texas roads and the results are many times deadly. Motorcycles can be a lot of fun to ride. However, they do not provide a lot of protection if something goes wrong. In the news story listed below, is being reported that the motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene after laying down his bike to try and avoid having a Truck Accident occur. Unfortunately, the motorcycle rider was traveling at a high enough speed that he hit his head on the ground and his helmet broke on impact. Motorcycles can often be hard to see on the road by other drivers. It is being reported that the truck driver had an unprotected turn light and did not see the motorcycle coming. Motorcycle accidents are often the result of not being seen by other drivers on road. It is sometimes difficult for larger commercial vehicles to avoid hitting motorcycles due to their size and inability to quickly move out of the way.

The truck driver in this Motor Vehicle Accident stayed at the accident site and it’s not known if the driver will face charges in relation to this fatal collision. It is possible this motorcycle accident with an 18 Wheeler could lead to a legal battle if the truck driver is found at fault and negligent or reckless in his actions. If that does occur the motorcyclists family may want to consider filing a Wrongful Death Claim that to seek monetary reparation for the loss of their loved one and the other damages incurred by this event.

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