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Intoxication causes deadly car accident

The actions of the other drivers cannot be predicted, and individuals driving large vehicles such as tractor-trailers can pose a considerable threat other drivers on the road. If one of those drivers is under the influence, a deadly truck accident could occur have a horrible far reaching results that can impact many people.

Unfortunately, this very situation recently took place in Texas. A vehicle that was occupied by the driver and another passenger reportedly pulled into the roadway and was hit on the passenger side by a truck. As authorities were investigating the scene, they reportedly found a small bottle of alcohol on the driver of the truck.
Due to the collision, the passenger in the first vehicle suffered fatal injuries. She died at the scene. The driver of that vehicle was also listed as being injured in the crash. At this time, the driver of the truck has been charged with intoxication manslaughter. He was taken into custody in relation to this felony allegation.

If the loved ones of the deceased victim wish to pursue a case against the driver deemed at-fault in the truck accident, information on wrongful death claims in Texas may help. This information may be able to provide them with needed knowledge that could explain how such a claim could allow them to seek compensation for their loss and other suffering. If the driver is convicted of the intoxication manslaughter charge, there could be an increase in the chances of success of such a civil case. Call the Pascoe Law Firm and speak with our Galveston Car Accident Lawyer and have a free case evaluation.

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