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Gulf Freeway Gets Shut Down After Collision


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Gulf Freeway Gets Shut Down After Collision

Gulf Freeway in Houston, TX gets shut down after early morning collision that causes the driver to become severely injured. The Accident involved a Nissan Altima that was heading northbound around the 7800 block of the Gulf Freeway around 3 A.M.. The driver crashed their vehicle into the concrete retaining wall riding the wall, bouncing off and then crashing back into the all a second time. This caused the vehicle to facing the oncoming traffic after the vehicle spun around.

Another vehicle also traveling northbound struck the Altima with such force that it caused both vehicles to be destroyed in the collision. Both vehicles were inoperable and it caused the police to shut down traffic for the interstate for an hour, and impacted the traffic for several hours delaying many. The driver of the Altima was not wearing a seatbelt and was seriously injured from the collision. They were taken to Ben Taub General Hospital and are listed as in serious condition. The Gulf Freeway was shut down to all traffic from 7:30 am to 8:30am. Witnesses said that the traffic from the Freeway closure did not resume until at least 9:45 am on parts of the freeway.

While this accident seems to have had multiple issues that could impact its ultimate outcome. It is sad to hear that the driver was not wearing their seatbelt. While not mentioned in this story it is often that many accidents that occur around 3 am in the morning involve alcohol. The news article did say that the other driver fled from the scene and has not been found.

Following an accident of this nature one can expect large hospital bills and other medical bills to incur. Car accidents can cause serious injuries and even lead to death in some cases. The driver of the Altima is lucky to be alive after an accident of this severity, especially considering that the driver did not use a seatbelt. If you or a loved one has been involved in a Car Accident you may have legal rights and options available to you. Call a Galveston Car Accident Lawyer to discuss your legal rights if you have suffered personal injury from an accident.





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