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Auto Accident Causes Serious Injuries and Death

A passenger from one of the pickup trucks suffered fatal injuries, and the driver of that same truck was transported to an area hospital for treatment of injuries. Two individuals in the other truck were thrown from the vehicle, one of whom suffered fatal injuries and was declared dead at the scene. The other individual and three other passengers were taken from the scene for treatment. At this time, there have been no charges leveled against any of the parties involved.

Traffic lights are used to provide some sense of organization and safety regulations to everyday traffic. However, when individuals disregard these signals or think they can beat the light, they may find themselves involved in a serious accident. Running a red light can result in a traffic ticket, a fatal car accident could also potentially result.

A similar situation recently took place in Texas that resulted in the deaths of two individuals. It was reported that a pickup truck ran a red light and as a result, collided with another pickup truck. The accident took place at approximately 9 a.m. and resulted in multiple injuries to parties in both trucks.

Though there have been no allegations yet, the investigation into the fatal car accident could lead to authorities considering appropriate charges. Until that time, the families of the victims and the injured parties may wish to consider their own legal options. Funeral arrangements and medical bills can be costly, and filing wrongful death or personal injury claims against the driver deemed responsible could allow certain parties to seek restitution for damages permissible under Texas law. If you have been seriously injured in a Motor Vehicle Accidents please feel free to contact our League City Car Accident Lawyer at 713-829-4317.

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