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Property Division

When a couple is divorced in Texas, marital property is split in half — except in certain circumstances. As a community property state, married people are each assumed to own half of the marital assets. Our League City, TX divorce lawyer will fight to protect your legal rights.Texas Is a Community Property State. While splitting property in half may seem straightforward, that is not always easy to do. Talk to a property division attorney who can explain the law and protect your rights to marital property when dealing with a divorce. Call the Pascoe Law Firm in the League City, Texas area. We can help with divorce, property division, and other family law issues.

Separating of Property and Assets

In Texas, ‘Fault’ Can Affect the Division of Marital Property in a divorce case and this results in clients needing an experience attorney who can fight on your behalf. A divorced can explain how fault can affect property division. Drug and alcohol addiction, a gambling addiction or domestic abuse may be factored into the division of property when getting a divorce. Our woman’s rights divorce attorney knows the law and will fight to protect your rights when getting divorced. We also help families and men to protect their legal rights while dealing with divorce. In some cases, it can be challenging to determine what marital property is belonging to whom. What did each person own before the marriage? Did that property increase in value because it was maintained or enhanced using marital funds?

Property Division Lawyer

Dividing a business, a home, car or artwork can be difficult. In some cases, your divorce lawyer may find it necessary to obtain valuations of community property and then determine a fair way to divide the property without liquidating it. Often in second marriages or even in the midst of a marriage, a couple would be wise to have a prenuptial or post-nuptial agreement to determine property settlement issues in the event of a divorce. A property settlement attorney can be invaluable in protecting your rights and interests at the time of divorce or when drawing up an agreement in advance. These agreements help protect your interest in the event of a divorce. Call the Pascoe Law Firm in the League City, Texas area at 713-829-4317. We can help with divorce, property division, and other family law issues.

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