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Drunk Driver Crashes Car Into Galveston Police Car


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Drunk Driver Crashes Car Into Galveston Police Car

A drunk driver causes car accident by crashing into Galveston Police Car and gets arrested for DWI. A car accident is something that most people try to avoid. After a car accident many have been told “it could be worse.” However, almost hitting a Galveston Police officer and then crashing your car into his police cruiser while intoxicated is probably toward the top of the “it could be worse” category. The accident occurred on Monday night near the intersection of 51st Street and Avenue J around 7:35 at night in Galveston, TX. The individual was arrested and charged with “driving while intoxicated, driving while license invalid, and two counts of possession of a dangerous drug.” Click Here To Continue Reading.
Car accidents involving drunk drivers are thought to be on the rise in the next couple of months with the holiday season quickly approaching. Last night 2 where arrested following a car accident that took place down in south Texas. One of the drivers of the car accident was arrested for driving while intoxicated. The accident was pretty severe and caused the police and emergency responders to shut down the four lane highway for about an hour. While the freeway was closed the police noticed another vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed toward the accident. Apparently, a female driver had disregarded the emergency vehicles trying to block the road for the car accident to be investigated and cleaned up. After pulling over the female driver the noticed that she appeared intoxicated and charged her with DWI (driving while intoxicated). Click Here To continue Reading.

Unfortunately, car accidents involving drunk drivers can lead to a Fatal Car Accident. Last night the Houston Chronicle updated a story involving a Harris County Precinct 1 deputy constable who had been severely injured in a car accident with a drunk driver while off duty. Sadly, the officer lost his fight and passed last night succumbing to infection from his injuries. The driver in the accident was charged within intoxicated assault and has entered a plea agreement and will serve 20 years in jail. This tragic news occurring only a week after another Harris County Sheriff’s Office Deputy was killed in a car accident involving an intoxicated individual. Click Here to Continue Reading.

After a Fatal Car Accident the family’s or their estates are not without legal action. After a fatal auto accident like the above mentioned, the families should seek the counsel a lawyer who can file a wrongful death claim. While taking legal action will never bring back their loved one it does help provide closure for some to know that the individual is being punished and will be held accountable for their actions. Hopefully, you or a loved one will never have this happen to you. However, if it does please do not hesitate to call a lawyer and learn what legal options you might have available. A Galveston Personal Injury Lawyer can help guide you through the process after a car accident. This allows you to focus on your recovery or on the grieving process. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact our Galveston Car Accident Lawyer at the Pascoe Law Firm.

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